A Gentlemen’s Guide To Rape Culture
Zaron Burnett III

4. It’s our job to have standards for ourselves, and thus, for all men.”

How does one establish this line? How does Zaron justify ending the line in “men”, vs “adults” or “humans”? What is the boundary for pushing ones standards on to others (see policing others), is it based on physical size, or gender? Its it only a mans job to sacrifice their safety for others, or is that a human requirement? The article does end with “be a human being”, but it is one of the only times such a point is even attempted, nothing in the body of the article is anything more than gendered and vapid.

Hint: On your point about freedom of movement (women fearing for their safety when moving about) do look up stats on violent assault and homicide, which show men have far more statical reason to fear for their safety than do women, while men may benefit from the bliss of ignorance, such a benefit does not actually prove your point in the way you may have hoped.

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