So much pretentious bullshit. Women LIKE to be raped, at least by the men they fancy.

This is not the counter argument you think. “No means yes” is a scary argument to make. The issue is with the person accepting it. Would you accept it from someone if you asked them if they loved you, or to a marriage proposal, or to a question of fidelity. While consent should be a mutual burden, accepting a negative as a positive is insane on both sides of the equation (starting out with the person saying no but implying yes, but even more so with the person inverting the meaning of words to achieve a goal.)

In short: this maybe common in your corner of the world, but it is not normal, and it is never healthy. It is a dangerous and completely unnecessary game you are playing. This is a huge red flag, if you can’t see that be prepared for a future of disappointment.

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