You Are Loved Foods Paleo Treats

You Are Loved Foods was born of necessity. After four decades of poor food choices, emotional eating, job stress and a full on addiction to starchy and sugary foods, I had to find a way to get healthy. Traditional diets and trendy food gurus had not helped me, and in fact, they had hurt me.

A nutritionist put me on a Paleo diet which, back in the day, was a little out there. But due to a variety of health reasons, the Paleo diet really worked for me so I wanted and needed portable snacks, and something chocolate just as a treat, for my intense work and travel schedule. I started working with Paleo ingredients to create protein bites that would satisfy a need for something sweet and keep me feeling full without sending my blood sugar into orbit. It was not easy, but I like the end results both from a health and taste perspective.

You Are Loved Foods features Chocolate Cupcakes, Cinnamon Almond Bites, Chocolate Fudge Balls, Chocolate Protein Bites and Love Ola Granola. They are all gluten-free, dairy free, sugar free, grain free, low carb and diabetic friendly. We use whole, natural ingredients and have eliminated all sugar alcohols.

Our product launch occurred in March 2015 at the Natural Products Expo West and we garnered rave reviews from the crowds who sampled. We followed that with tastings at the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo in Pasadena in May 2015, the LA Arts Online All-Rachmaninoff concert at the Hollywood Bowl in July 2015 and will be sampling this September 20th at Live and Dine LA at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica. Our store presence in Southern California now includes Equinox in West Los Angeles, PC Greens and New Moon Wellness.

Visit our website and send me any questions at If you have a store in your neighborhood that you think should be carrying our products, please let me know. Good health, vitality and wellness does not doom you to a diet that is boring or bland, everyone deserves chocolate!

Jonathan Heine, Founder and CEO of You Are Loved Foods

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