To the Working Mom

I see you. I see your face when you have to bring your child to daycare. How much it torments you to walk away when your child cries out for you. I see you cry in your car on your way to work. I know you wonder if your child knows how much you love them. How much you wish you wouldn’t have to bring them here. I know you count the hours down at work till you get to home. I know you get upset when your child does or learns something new and you weren’t there to experience it or see the joy on their face. I know you hate yourself for missing something so big in his life. I know you wake up every morning dreading the face he makes at you when you leave him behind, but you keep on going for him. I know your doing all this for him, but you wonder if he knows. You keep going to make him proud, but the days seem longer and harder. And each day you see him change and wish you could watch him change with your own eyes instead of in between intervals of time you have free. I know its hard. But keep going.

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