Who do you call when Police murder your child?

A story in photographs.

Venus Hayes, Moose’s mother, is thrust into the spotlight along with Donna Hayes, mother of Venus and grandmother of Moose.
Terrence Hayes, Moose’s elder cousin, becomes the family spokesperson.
Moose’s younger brothers’ lives changed profoundly. The sudden absence of Moose, who had often been their care-giver, left them confused and lost.
A volunteer artist designed a poster that was photocopied and passed out to allies at a Press Conference the month after Moose’s death.
Teressa Raiford joined the Hayes family and brought her organization, Don’t Shoot Portland, to the press conferences and meetings at City Hall.
As summer came on, Terrence and Donna became frequent speakers. Venus, smiling through her tears, says, “It hurts too much. I can’t do the speeches.”
Maria Cahill and Pacific Northwest Family Circle chalk the names of loved ones murdered by police on sidewalks.
The parents of Christopher Kalonji, killed by police in 2016, join Pacific Northwest Family Circle to hold cops’ “Feet to the Fire” once a month.



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Social justice photography to dismantle white supremacy and capitalism. “The rich have their own photographers.”