Dear Phil, about that Joke bro.
Shannon Barber

Great post, Shannon. I am Hispanic, and I have dealt with my share of beaner-this, and spic-that. I agree that our music should be safe haven for every metal fan, not just those deemed “worthy of having pale skin”. The music (and pit) are intense enough without the racial-hate thrown in. I will never support Phil on tour again, and I was a HUGE fan. It broke my fuckin heart to watch and hear him say those things on the clip I saw, but I am uncompromising and unforgiving when it comes to people who spout hate based on skin color. I just have no room in my life for that. There are a lot of other bands I can spend my money on. When you think about it, he killed Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, and now he’s killing Down. All he knows how to do is destroy things these days.

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