HELP!!!!! (A hiring story.)

Although I’ve worked in the startup world for awhile now, I’ve always been fortunate to have someone on my team who took care of finding amazing people to work with. Now, that huge responsibility falls to me.

It’s not something that I take lightly. I’ve seen before how much a few amazing early hires can impact the future of a business. So I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently reading articles and attending talks recommended by people I know who have faced similar challenges.

It seems a little bit like an art — I’ve heard a lot of conflicting advice! A good friend who manages hiring for Green Brick Labs has assured me that it’s a science, but of course an engineer would say that!

I think the biggest challenge is understanding exactly what you want from your team — both in the short and long term. Especially as we scale, anyone we bring in now will have a lot of impact on not only the work, but also on our culture.

So, I’m asking for help! What are your favourite blogs, articles, and books? What have you learned?

Oh, and also, if you know any awesome people who work with video, we’re hiring!