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Me and Kyrie are both raving mad that no one gets Kyrie’s decision. Put it this way, who’s the most underrated, unexplored, irrelevant, but consensus “Superstar” in the history of the league?

Before we get to that, these are NOT reasons behind Kyrie’s thinking:

- Kyrie wants to be the man. No, otherwise you don’t request Spurs, Timberwolves etc. (we can all agree Westbrook’s basketball life sucks rn).

- Kyrie wants to jump before Lebron does. No, because Kyrie apparently almost requested a trade even before last year, well before Lebronzo became a thing.

- Kyrie wants more shots. No, Kyrie got his shots. More than Lebron, more than Curry. Enough said.

Kyrie’s decision is motivated by one person: SCOTTIE PIPPEN. Scottie Pippen won 6 rings, is in the HOF, played in the greatest team ever — and is a historical afterthought.

Kyrie does not want to be Scottie. The Lebron factor would make him that. On the other hand, with anyone else in the league he’s at worst a co-star (Kawhi, Butler etc.). And probably up one on ring count.