PAX West 2018 — Head Shots for Charity

If you are a up-and coming broadcaster going to PAX West this year, read on.


I have always wanted to provide an opportunity for smaller broadcasters to obtain professional quality head shots at conventions who may not be served by other organizations that are seeking to provide these services.

As a broadcaster, you never know when having a head shot might come in handy. Having a professional quality head shot on-hand comes in handy for social media and other promotional opportunities as a content creator. You do not want to scramble to find a picture when you are approached about an opportunity.


Over the past year, I have provided photography services to community-run organizations and smaller broadcasters. For example, I have worked with organizations such as Main Menu and Team Sin Squad at various events and provided head shots to up and coming broadcasters at conventions.

Many of these individuals and organizations were very happy with the result.

PAX East 2018

TwitchCon 2017

Seattle Online Broadcasters Association

The Plan

I live in Seattle, which means that I do not have to deal with flights. I will be available before, during, and after the convention as a result.

If you’re interested, please sign up using this Google Form so that I send out updates. In exchange for photography, you are strongly encouraged to make a donation to one of several charities suggested below.

Companies: This is not a substitute for paying a professional photographer. If you plan on sending this out to broadcasters you work with, please get in touch with me in advance to determine of block-scheduling is a better use of time and resources.

If you want head shots, fill out the Google Form here!

The Charities

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