Expanding my skill

Bloody Raccoon Viking style

This is the smallest skull I have carved. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it, and statements about how people thought it was just a bloody skull with the skin tore off, or why did I carve it before cleaning it. Both of these are great compliments. It was pure white when I started. The bone is thin, but strong, so I had to take my time and really demonstrate self control for the carving part. I am liking this hatchet pattern I am developing and I have done on a few other objects. Below is a sheep skull I finished last week, it doesnt have a name yet.

Sheep skull

I have also been pushing to carve new things. I have started carving cow teeth. They are a challenge in that the material is super hard, prone to chipping, and if there is calcification that chips off very easily, and just under the enamle the tooth is very soft and hollow. I have only carved a 6 teeth so far with simple patterns.

Skull Cow teeth

I need more pratice on carving these, along with making the skulls each looks like a distinct skull.

I am planning on carving a coyote skull I have. but money is running short and soon I wont be able to replenish my resources, which is really frustrating because I am seeing a lot of skull processessors selling their stock cheap because the fall hunting season and culling is son to happen, which will keep the processors busy all winter.

If you are interested in one of my pieces or seeing more of my other art, let me know. I have a face book page called the Art of Kennedy Shenberg. I do comissions and also payment plans, I accept paypal, credit cards, cash, maybe even a trade of some sort.

Even in Death

This is a framed and shadow boxed piece. selling it for 50$. that is deer jaw, and coyote jaw bone. Simple carving with gold leaf accent. Hopefully soon things will start picking up.