My start using the title of “artist”. It was not an over night, boom wake up and I am an artist, start. It was slow, not because nobody called me that, it was slow because I wasnt sure of what I was doing. I did not want to usurp a title I had no right to. I started making my art in the long sleepless nights as I have said in previous blogs. I made the pieces, and just showed them to my friends and began hanging them. At one point a friend of mine, Melissa, who was a school trained artist said that they reminded her of some famous artist’s work. I was a little shocked and she asked if I would sell it to her. I gave it to her, just as a thank you for the compliment. that didnt convince me I was an artist yet. I had been to many art shows in my life so wrongly I had thought art shows is what makes a person an artist. I thought lots of wrong things, probably still do. Fortuitously, it is strange to think this was lucky, I was in the need of money. One of the many stressors in my life included the custody dispute for my son, I could no longer afford a lawyer and was representing myself, and now a G.A.L had to be paid to represent my son in the custody dispute, of which I had to pay 1500$ dollars in 30 days. considering I was a child therapist living barely pay check to pay check, I didnt expect to have the money in any couch pillows. Another friend Amit suggested I have an art show. I shrugged and said it was better than nothing. A week before the money was due to the G.A.L. I had the art show. Sadly I did not sell enough art. On the upside I did sell alot of art and actually raised half of what I needed. (I did make the rest the money from something else that happened — another story). The first art show in my life and the first time, people called me an artist. The stress of life had put the mantle of artist on me.