Ive had some bad news. I lost a training contract, which was going to be my source of income. I was just informed. I am still dazed by this fact. Money is none existent at the monent. being laid off for 9 months in a field where everyone else is also laid off and nobody seems to care. The field of social work. Ironically it is the field of caring and support, however nobody is supporting it. I often get praise for the work I do, but well wishes do not pay bills or feed us. My art still remains just my art. I have shows after shows, with many compliments form strangers, but no sales. I look around my home, I own very little that I can sell. I have been offering reduced rates for fitness, no takers. Which is even more frustrating because my fitness plans always work, every client I have had, has significant success. I am a licensed counselor I have insurance and Im approved provided for blue cross blue shield.

I myself have asked for assistance. DHS, asked for proof, 1) that I had custody of my son, I provided court orders, then they wanted signed papers from people that they know my son lives with me. They wanted proof of income, I said I havent gotten any income. they said they wanted last years taxes. I gave it to them, they looked up on their own computers and saw that I havent any income, but they want a letter from IDES that says my unemployment has expired. despite the fact they can see it listed intheir own computer system. Do I really look like I am some kind of scammer.

I am feeling just over whelmed at the moment.