Why does this need a title, can it just be?

In darkness we may feel alone, we may be alone, physically but not metaphorically. Metaphorically we are three or more, me, myself, and I.

At least two, heart and soul. Make that three by adding mind.

Even when the light shines, there is a shadow. That shadow is a reminder of the real and unreal, then seable and that which but is not.

What inspires my writing today? Im not sure, perhaps the sun light.

The echoes reverberate loud at first and as they fade, shorter in duration, shorter with every bounce. Like the jump for joy, each eap is shorter and less enthusiatic as the leap that came before.

Who ever I am does not depend on you, does not depend on my conformity nor on any struggle to accept reality. The truth is I am, without reality, growing in little leaps, undefined shade, I am.

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