The Only Thing That’s Been Motivating Me Recently

I love learning what makes someone tick. It is absolutely enthralling to see how and why the gears turn for any given person. Perhaps it’s so fascinating because motivators change so often.

Coming out of college, someone often has the motivation to prove themselves. You get married, and that motivation becomes supporting your spouse. You have a kid, and it becomes making the world a better place for them. You get promoted, and then you’re motivated to live up to those expectations.

These are basic. They’re common. The fascinating stuff is when you get into the nitty gritty motivators for an individual. I earnestly want to be hear what motivates each and every one of you reading this post. But first let’s talk about me.

I want to be great. Most of us do! I know that the first step to getting there is practicing my tail off. That’s what’s motiving me. Every word I write, every post I publish, every book I read, I’m getting better. It’s like a high! Am I anywhere close to my end goal? No! But knowing and seeing that I’m actually getting closer is fuel on the fire.

I’m shooting for my first 1 million published words. At the end of 2015, I was only at ~90,000 or so. It’s mid-May as I write this, and I’ve added another, what? 150,000? That gets me so excited! Freakin’ pumped! It’s Saturday, and this is the 4th post I’ve written today. That makes me feel great! That makes me want to do more! That’s what’s kept me motivated recently. It’s such an empowering experience!

On top of all the other common motivators — support, money, proving oneself, stability — that ever-shrinking road I’ve got to travel to reach my goals is what gets me up in the morning, and what keeps me going all day. It’s a forest fire! The more it burns, the more fuel is consumes. And it’s amazing.

What’s the fuel for your fire? What’s the one specific thing that makes you tick right now? Honestly! Comment on this post, and let’s see if we can’t add fuel to everyone’s fire!