My take on the various publishing routes available to authors.

In your asking my opinion of about which method a new author should use to publish their first book, whether traditional, supported or self-publishing, I’d say I’d have to talk with the specific author discovering their abilities and how much work they’re willing to place into the publication of the book, as well as their financial abilities. These all determine the path they could choose.

The answer really isn’t a simple answer and there isn’t one answer fits for everyone. Anyone who says it has to be only one way for everyone is closed minded and not considering the variables of an author’s life situation.

My apology I couldn’t give you a direct answer stating to do traditional, supported, or self-publishing, but without knowing the specific person you’re asking about and their situation it would be unfair and could be incorrect answering such.

Yes, there are the myths of publishing, I’ve dealt with a few of them and talked with authors and publishers who deal with some of these myths.

Times really are changing. Attitudes for some are not and they continue to perpetuate these myths.

Yes, we continue to have high rates of employee dismissal from many industries and businesses, but there is also high rates of employment in other areas for those who seek reemployment and are willing to risk learning new skills. The difficulty for many is not having the skills in the areas of the new employment of today.

The myth that there are very limited readers is a perpetuated myth. In fact, readers are increasing as literacy among developing countries and developed countries continues to increase and technology brings increased access to books in the form of electronic access. Print is slow to gain access to new markets, but is spreading also. But, yes, the readers are increasing in many languages, including English.

There are now over 2.2 billion English speaking people in the world, with about 583 million of them currently reading online, there is no lack of audience for authors. English is the number two language, as the Chinese speaking is number one with over 2.5 billion population wise and 800 million online. With the Arabic languages third with just over one billion.

Queues for publishing only apply to traditional and supported publishing, there are no queues in self publishing, when you present your work for proof to a POD the longest a person should have to wait with a reputable POD is 24 hours for their electronic Proof copy, then you approve the proof and sign off on it, the book is immediately is available for print, you’re in and done. No queue.

Traditional publishers can take as much as two to three years before the author is published, from the time the contract is signed.

For example, the time from when I signed Eric J Kregel, to the date we had our first hard paperbacks in hand was eight months, and I traditionally published Eric’s book for him.