Are you an alcoholic?

One of the biggest problems of alcoholics is that they are not aware of, or do not admit that they have a drinking problem. They can’t admit they are dependent, and their addiction becomes deeper and deeper. If you are drinking alcohol a lot and don’t know whether it has become an addiction or not, here are few ways to determine this.

In order to determine whether you suffer from an alcohol addiction or not, he may ask you different questions, such as:

  • do you have a history of psychological trauma? It may be a physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.
  • did you receive care and attention when you needed it?
  • have you been a victim of a crime or natural disaster?
  • did you have a serious injury or disease?
  • do you drink alcohol at present, or in the past?
  • how often do you drink alcohol?

Answering to these questions may tell if you are an alcohol addict. More importantly, they may even tell the cause of your addiction.

The following features are quite important in determining whether you are an alcoholic or not:

  • you drink more than you usually do;
  • you continue to drink alcohol even if you know its negative consequences;
  • you are putting in extra effort and time in order to drink;
  • you developed a tolerance for alcohol (need to drink more and more in order to get the same effect);
  • you experience withdrawal symptoms if you don’t drink, even for a short period;
  • you can’t control your alcohol use;
  • you neglect your family, school, work, and other responsibilities in order to drink.

If you meet at least three of these conditions, you definitely are an alcohol addict and need help.

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