What Happened to Good Manners and Common Decency?

So maybe it’s just me-

but I have begun to notice an alarming trend in our everyday social constructs. Simple courtesies like saying hello to someone you see regularly is greeted with icy stares that look right through you. It’s as if the fact that you said hello to them was some sort of an insult. I often feel that when some of the people in my community respond in this way, it was if I had asked them for money. Then I realize, that probably would have had a better outcome.

Maybe you think it’s just where I live, but it’s not. To prove it, try this experiment. The next time you call a business and someone answers the phone, give a hearty “ I’m ____! How are you today?” Then count the number of seconds that you have to wait to get an answer. In most instances you will think you have lost the phone connection.

It seems that we have become so hardened that we can’t respond to common courtesies like these. I didn’t exceed 140 characters in my verbal salutation so what is the problem?

Furthermore, what does this say about us as a country? Do we stand a chance to fight racism and other forms of hatred within our own borders when we can’t even acknowledge each other peacefully in a simple conversation?

So I am issuing a challenge to all who read this- say hello to someone today. Act like you mean it, even if you don’t. It may feel uncomfortable if this is not in your wheelhouse but it will get better with time.

If we are going to get better as a country and tear down some of our hateful and endemic conditions we need to get to know each other, embrace each other and accept each other.

And all of that starts with “Hello.”

But then again, maybe it’s just me.

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