Even though you don’t want to do banner ads, you have to start somewhere. You have to have that conversation and empathize with their POV. Then you can explain your perspective and show them why you think it is better. It’s a constant conversation.
Put Yourself in Your Customers Shoes
Gary Vaynerchuk

The timing of this article is perfect for what I’m wrestling with right now. So, thank you!

Being that you’re all in on attention and that you see attention is on Facebook and you’ve been citing the underpriced value of Facebook Ads, do you (VaynerMedia) start client engagements with projects that don’t align with what you know is best (banner ads) with the hope or understanding that eventually the trust you’ve earned will allow you to deploy strategies YOU recommend?

If so, does it ever feel hypocritical to do work you wouldn’t recommend?

Thank you!!

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