Kenson Hunte Is A New York Based Social Worker

Kenson Hunte is a New York based social worker working for the welfare of the community for many years. He provides support and advice to vulnerable families, individuals, and people living on the margins of society. He assists them to get access to the services they require to improve their well being and situations. He supports children and parents facing difficult circumstances; individuals with learning or physical disabilities and mental health problems; older and homeless people; young individuals in care; foster carers and adoptive parents; individuals with alcohol, drug, or substance dependency; individuals moving towards independent living, and more.

While working as a social worker, he supports many organizations and successfully handles many responsibilities, including

  • agreeing what practical support a person needs
  • reviewing and accessing situations of people
  • responding to requests for help
  • building trusting relationships
  • protecting children and adults from harm
  • taking part in case conferences and team meetings
  • managing and organizing support plans
  • offering advocacy, counseling, and information
  • supervising team members as well as volunteers
  • acting as a key worker, and coordinating with other professionals involved in providing support

Kenson Hunte works in an array of settings within a framework of pertinent procedures and legislation. These settings include the home or schools of the service user, hospitals, or the campus of other voluntary or public sector organizations. He works closely with other professionals in the social and health care sectors. As a proven professional, he possesses all of those key skills that make him a good social worker, and one of these include his ability to provide community based social services to recognize families, individuals, and vulnerable groups. He has great interest in healthcare, and never leaves a chance to support people in crisis, perform investigations and writes review notes. In addition to this, he has extensive knowledge of social work procedures, theories, and practices and possesses a successful track record of administering the involvement of other workers.

He has received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work approved by the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council). He has vast experience in behavioral management and possesses the communication skills required to liaise with the families as well as friends and external agencies of those he provides his services. Kenson Hunte also offers his professional support to foster carers, local authorities, and regional hospitals in New York.

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