Are You a Top 100 Venture Capitalist?

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If you’re one of the Top 100 Venture Capitalists identified by CB Insights, in partnership with the New York Times, you probably don’t have time for lists. One of your assistants will be looking for your name.

Peter Fenton, Benchmark Capital, is number one on this list. He’s no stranger to lists, having first appeared in the 94th place on the 2007 Forbes Midas List of the 100 top technology investors. Jenny Lee, GGV Capital, is 17th on this list. I’m not surprised she’s there. She does interesting work in consumer and education sectors. I’m disappointed that the list only has five women. I was happy to see Anton Levy, managing director at General Atlantic. He has great insights around gig and online sectors.

Does it matter if you’re on this list? I’m not sure if it adds weight to your success. It’s like winning an Oscar. Either it marks the start of a storied career or, more often than not, it’s a sign that your career has reached its zenith.

A venture capitalist’s placement on this list shares some of the fragility of a movie star’s ranking. Both are nuanced and complex determinations. A celebrity’s metric is established by their Q Score. It’s based on their familiarity, likability, popularity, and general appeal. I don’t think venture capitalists have to be likable to get on this list.

Using Investor Mosaic, a data-driven/algorithmic ranking, CB Insights created this list using proprietary tools: The Cruncher — machine learning technology and The Editor — an online brand management tool. Give this list a complete review and see if you can identify any rising stars. The good thing about a list of venture capitalists is that if you track the right star you might strike it rich.

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