(Git) Create a Branch From Local Repository

In this article, I will show you how to create a new branch in your local repository and push it to your remote repository.

1. Create a branch in local repository

First, move to your project directory (your local branch) and create a new branch. After you create a new branch, switch to the branch.

// Move to your local repository
cd /Users/YourUserName/...YourLocalRepository/
// Create a new branch
git branch develop/#1branch
// Switch to your brand new branch
git checkout develop/#1branch

2. Add files to your local repository and commit

Next you need to add your files to your new branch. Simply add and commit like below.

// Add the files 
// NOTE: '.' will add all files which have been changed
git add .
// Commit the changes
git commit -m "Your commit message here."

3. Push your new branch to remote

Finally, push your files to the remote repository as a new branch.

// Push your files
git push -u origin develop/#1branch

Note: If you use -u option, you can simply type ‘git push’ from next time. It will automatically push your commit to that branch.

And that’s everything!

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