Does Scripture Study make our day “go better”?

When discussing scripture study you may often hear phrases that are similar to this:

When I begin with studying scriptures my whole day seems to just ‘go better’.

My question- Is this a legit blessing of studying scriptures in the morning? The language of this phrase alone seems to be a little bit too abstract or even fairy tale. The vagueness of this observation seems to suggest that all you need to do is read and your day will live happily ever after.

So what is it that people are really trying to express when their “day seems to just go better”?

President Spencer W. Kimball said

You notice that President Kimball doesn’t suggest that your efforts to study the scriptures cause the Lord to grow in his desire to bless you more in that particular instance. The action that follows a personal study is WE begin to change.

Think of it like a GPS in your car. You set a destination (where you want to be) and begin following the course of action set out in your device (the scriptures). When you get off course this device has an little reminder that says “re-calculating”. This reminder is to say that you are the one off course and now here is a way back.

Isn’t this the same for our lives? Are we not all just trying to get home by following a course set out by our Heavenly Father? When we read the scriptures our day is going better, not because everything seems to go our way, but because we are getting ourselves back on course and back in harmony with the direction of God.

The Lord didn’t magically take away obstacles from our day because we read about Him. He helps us overcome the obstacles because we know better how to do it.Can scripture study make our day go better? Maybe not. Scripture study, however, can make us go better throughout the day.

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