For Immediate Release:

Hello movies lovers,

As you all know, for the last year I have been embarking on a project of great scale and importance — a series of video essays about beloved movies from the 1990’s. So far, I have covered such touchstone films as Powder, Pleasantville, Richie Rich and others. Through these video essays, I am able to explore the magic of movies, and all the fun and smart things in them, like themes, stories, and characters. Well, I write to you today with a bit of bad news about my newest video essay.

After editing and re-editing for almost a week, it is with a heavy heart to announce I am longer pursuing my video essay on the 1993 masterpiece Indecent Proposal effectively immediately.

This is not easy to say. I’ve publicly mentioned I will be doing this essay, and I’ve promised Nick Dawson at Talkhouse the finished piece by tomorrow morning. In fact, I had already designed a teaser poster (see below). But that is not to be, and I feel disappointed to alert those who have been eagerly awaiting this new piece of web content.

The reason for this stunning change of heart is simple: the movie is a masterpiece, one of the greatest films of the 90’s and in my view, one of the greatest movies of all time. Nothing I could offer in my video essay would be of discernible value when compared to the already stunning piece of movie history that is Indecent Proposal. I did not realize this when I started my essay, but having watched it several times now and dissected the footage extensively, there is no other conclusion I could come to.

It has even more relevance today. You see, the character of John Gage (played masterfully by Robert Redford) is a metaphor for the devastating effects of American capitalism, while the character of David (Woody Harrelson in the role of a lifetime) is a symbol for the middle class of America that has done nothing wrong but can’t get ahead. The only hope (which is not real hope, just the perception) is to gamble away hard-earned money in the near impossible hope of winning big, or give up your entire life and dignity by selling your wife. Of course, the only outcome of such a humiliating proposal is the ruining of one’s marriage and life. This, however, is only half the story. As movies teach us, redemption is possible.

I urge you all to view this movie ASAP. And stay tuned for more details of my next video essay. I can promise you it will be coming soon. I will be sure to select a movie this time that I feel I can offer a fresh perspective on.

Sorry and thank you.