Understanding KMUN: The International Law Commision

Also known as the ILC
Trainings and simulations
New chapter integration
Drafting and preparation of background guides
Preparation and drafting of background guides to be debated in all ILC simulations
Bureau members serve as judges in all simulations of the ILC
Assist the ICJ in the capacity OF legal adviser to the organization
Conduct trainings for all commissioners in conjunction with local CILCs
It aims to have the most insightful and engaging debates where commissioners exercise their intellect on matters of the law and have fun at the same…


Better known as the ICJ, is one of the main bureaus of KenyaMUN and it serves as the court of the organization


  • Administration and communication: comprising of a registrar and deputy registrar
  • Drafting and legislation
  • Chapter training and co-ordination
  • New chapter integration
  • Disciplinary

The primary function of the bureau members is to serve as judges of the court, similar in structure and substance to the real life ICJ which has 15 judges as well. …

Understanding KMUN: The general assembly edition;


“The future of any corporation is as good as the value system of the leaders and followers in the organization.” – N. R. Narayana Murthy. I am pretty sure that quote sells what I am about to discuss in detail. …

Young people in politics: Maybe the answer is with Gen Z

If you are reading this as a young person, I am curious to know; what comes first to your mind when the word “politics” is mentioned? Could it be “oh the political parties in my country”, or “oh that competition I last attended was all politics”.

As shown in some studies 4 out of 10 youngsters are interested in politics today; you may call them GenZ. “Oh, its just boring”, “its an old people thing”, “what’s the point of politics”, those are some opinions from the 6 uninterested youngsters…

Environmental Conservation.

It actually is quite an interesting coincidence that I get to write this article at this point in time with regards to my coursework.

I was in an Environmental Law class this week and believe you me, I kept asking myself what is the significance of all the treaties, protocols, agreements and conventions that have been put in place and implemented with regard to environmental conservation right from the air we breathe, the water we use, our ozone layer, the climate that gets to have a say in how we run our day-to-day activities, waste disposal, proper sanitation…

Remember to smell the Flowers.

Being a student is a mentally taxing endeavour that we are rarely well prepared for. Especially being a campus student. Sure, everyone hypes us up about how wonderful it will be, the freedom, the joy and the glory that comes with finishing high school. Especially if you were in a rugged ruthless boarding school that was determined to choke the life out of you constantly; tales of a bright Canaan beyond the gates of the present was sweet melody to your ears.

I know it was to mine… a lot of my prep attendance was…


Who is a father? I think a father is just the male biological parent of a child. Some of you might disagree; nonetheless, a father and a dad are two different people. It takes a different kind of person to actually be a dad. Any man can be a father; it takes a man to be a dad.
Who is a dad? A dad is the first hero that the son knows and the first prince charming that the daughter knows. A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up…


Our privilege often gives us a blind eye to the reality around us; we presume that everyone operates under the same circumstances as we do . We take life for granted by not appreciating our day to day lives and not acknowledging those who are in need. Not everyone wakes up in the morning with a smile on their face, and not everyone sleeps at night hoping to see another day just because of how they have suffered and all they want to do is put an end to it.

The main question is, what is it…


We conform to a certain routine consciously or subconsciously. A way of life that we may or may have not constructed according to the times, seasons and circumstances around us. What happens when this routine is disrupted? When it does not go as expected?Discomfort. Confusion. Misdirection.

I would not describe COVID-19 any less than a routine disruptor. It shook the world and made it stop for a second to rethink, reschedule , recreate. We had not realized that the slightest common gesture such as shaking hands could possibly cause a worldwide menace. …

23rd March 2021, as a "second and a first" in nature, was one amazing and successful day for the Kenya Model of United Nations fraternity. The 20th session Hybrid KenyaMUN Conference which virtually commenced on Monday this week, held its first physical ambit yesterday at Strathmore University. Delegates from over 10 universities across the nation battled in the mootcourt rooms, shared diplomatic ideas in various UNGA committees and helped to develop and codify international laws in the ILC wing.
While veering at the ambience of the prestigious Strathmore University, we try to engage delegates, bureau members and the National…

Kenya Model United Nations

Student run, youth led, non-governmental organization affiliated to the United Nations Information Centre at United Nations Office in Nairobi.

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