Be your own lifeguard.

Swimming to the shore all by yourself, sans a float, can be overwhelming at first, indeed.

But once you get past that psychological barrier, you’re perfectly capable of reaching there on your own.

Your options branch into —

  • Drowning in that whirlpool of tears, that brings you further into destruction and darkness.
  • Paddling till you feel the soft sand beneath your feet, an assurance that you’ve made it through.
No matter what you opt for, you can still change the course of your deed, 
thus minimizing the repercussions and destroying destruction’s seed…
^(A rather abstract attempt to portray what words fail to convey — that dark stage where you’ve cried out every drop left in your system, till tears have no effect anymore, and subsequently fade away, perpetuating into a pitch black, despair-laden, phase of feeling ‘nothing.)
… And one fine day, while you continue to immerse yourself in agony and self molded pity, a magnanimous dose of pain will collide your being like a meteorite,
It will shatter every ounce of your attempt to fix and mend it with tears, for it will destroy your composure drastically, like dynamite.
Only then, will you reach the summit of realization and simultaneous relief, 
That those pails of tears and wails of fears are as fruitless and futile as an atheist’s belief.
You’ll know that crying out loud reaches you nowhere; except on the road of procrastination and comfort, 
Respond positively, 'stead of reacting pessimistically, even if it implies beginning by dealing with a small amount of hurt.
So save that stream of tears for a rainy day, mon chéri, 
For they fade away too soon, returning you back to your misery.

Time does not heal you, only you can heal yourself in time.


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