Sinking, still swimming.

Her facewashed out from that endless stream of tears,
Her heartburdened from that pain she carried all those years.

Her headweary from all those disturbing and pessimistic thoughts swimming around, 
Her own feelings suppressed and kept private, trying not to arouse any attention and sound.

Her consciencewaiting to be clear, to get it off her chest, 
Her body… not relying on coffee anymore, begging for some rest.

Her systemaching from the constant heartache, 
Her mindscreaming for that much required break.

Her eyespuffed up and heavy from the resultant pressure and strain, 
Her career… that’s soon gonna be plummeting down the drain.

Her dark circlesgone unnoticed owing to all that make up she’d apply after seeing herself in the mirror, 
Her memories of those events… so distressing, so upsetting, it’d make her quiver.

Her attitude towards lifestruggling to paint a better scenery, 
Her thought processdrowning with self pity and misery.

Her state of mindcomplex and hazy
Her enthusiasmlacking and lazy.

Her coping mechanismchocolate, which would guarantee a marginal elevation in her mood, 
Her appetitehungry for life’s answers and solutions, instead of good ol’ food.

Her pillowabsorbing her tears that never seemed to stop their flow, 
Her blanketcomforting her during those sleepless nights when just she wanted to let go.

Her pastwondering if it was that grave a mistake, 
Her presentoverwhelmed with the resultant weight.

Her futurehoping to be promising, if she did survive,
Her inner voicesecretly pleading with her to stay alive.

Her phonedistracting her from her current mental state,
Her next course of actiondeciding her very fate.

Her will for survivaldiminishing with every passing fleet, 
Her friendsoblivious to why she’s being so discreet.

Her near ones... trying to ensure a smile on her tear stained face, 
Her soullonging for an escape from all that disgrace.

Her moodworsening over unnecessary anxiety and rue, 
Her lifedemanding to erase those memories and begin anew.

She didn’t need sympathy, she wanted assurance that things would work out for the better,
She didn’t need therapy, she wanted to express her emotions through this letter.
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