Survival Guide to V-day

While half the world takes a day off from sarcasm, criticism and hate and instead floods your entire news feed with flowery, mushy, nectarine couple posts, it’s probably nerve wrecking to scroll through them if you’re spending your Valentine’s solo.

Don’t ever let yourself reel under the pressure to have a significant other as a pre-requisite to celebrate this occasion, for there are options-a-plenty that lay ahead, waiting for you to grab them with willingness and enthusiasm.

The most commendable way to commemorate this day would be to spend your time in the company of your 'first love', the two souls who brought you into this world and taught you how to survive in it. 
Take the day off to reminisce fond memories with your parents, share a joke or two, pass the salt across the table with a warm smile, express your appreciation and affection towards them with utmost regard, respect and most of all, love. :)

Another equally recommendable way is to spend the day with the disadvantaged sections of society. 
Differently abled individuals, children suffering from terminal illnesses, old age homes, underprivileged kids are all deprived of visitors and the subsequent joy that stays in their heart after a group visits and spends time with them. 
There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a room lit up with smiles spread due to your attempts to brighten their day with your presence. 
Go ahead, be their Valentine.

Of course, if you’re choosing on wallowing in self pity, munching crisps (a moment on the lips, forever on the hips - just saying, lol), while you snuggle into your blanket watching re runs of your favorite show, go ahead, there’s no one stopping you today. Unwinding and spending time with yourself after a long day might do some good, for solace and self love can perchance fill cavities that even time, the healer of all wounds, may fail to seal.

Then again, if you do manage to hit someone up on Tinder, remember, mistakes in the back seat cause accidents, and accidents in the back seat cause mistakes.

Have a safe and special Valentine’s Day! 
Spread the message of peace and love with everyone you encounter. ❤️