The clock struck - It’s time to let go

One of the hardest situations for anyone to undergo,
is to bid adieu or let go.

Saying a final goodbye to a terminally ill family member at the critical care unit, 
Coming to terms with the loss of a near one, that left the face of the earth, without giving you an opportunity for a proper farewell,
Waving goodbye to your other half at the airport, while he or she takes off to another land, thereby pausing or terminating the relationship....

Goodbyes can be heartbreaking.

Tearful goodbyes even come down to situations as simple as a working parent kissing his son before leaving for work, for the child finds it too daunting a task to ‘let go’ of his parent, albeit for 9 odd hours.

Letting go can be harder if it's related to discarding bad traits.

Cutting out every inch of your pride and ego, that heighten with every miniscule accomplishment, 
Reducing anger, that affects you and your surroundings in numerous ways, 
Curbing your addiction, that subtly kills you from within,
Battling against your depression, that rots you as a whole, from your mind to soul,
Demolishing your walls of anxiety and undue pressure, which were self constructed to protect and avoid you from dealing with the situation on hand,
Eliminating selfishness and jealousy, that stem from an inbuilt need for attention and self gratification,
And finally, dissolving bitterness towards relatives, friends or work colleagues, that affects you the most.

Don't hold on.

Dissolve ties with those who contaminate your thoughts, words, deeds and actions.

Discontinue associations with those that negatively criticize your deeds, poison your thoughts or take advantage of your limitations as a means of dragging you to ground level.

End that alleged 'forever' with your partner, if you’ve noticed everything going south for more than just a while, leaving you with an inability to salvage the relationship.

All this, I say, let go.

Admittedly, it’s easier to advise and far more complex to achieve.
However, if seen as a means of therapy, letting go of any trace of negativity in your life will help prevent problematic parasites from infestation of the issue, magnification of the scenario and subsequent regret.

The absence of such negativity creates ample room for far more mandatory emotions and qualities, the prime ones being self improvement, positivity, inner peace and coping capability.

Go ahead, let go.

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