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Have you ever asked yourself : wouldn’t it be great to be part of something important in life. Not just your life but something special that would involve the entire planet.

I would guess most of you never heard of the name Keplertek. Its more than just a name. Its a very special company. Located in Tbilisi, Georgia. Started by two men Giorgi Topuria and Givi Dolidze in 2016. Along with a team and advisers that are second to none.

This is a company that is about to launch its platform for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with blockchain technology powering this wonderful opportunity. The concept of the Keplertek platform is to bring startups with their ideas and unite them with tech professionals and private investors to accelerate a startups idea to completion in a fraction of the time than conventional methods. This platform is available to anyone in the world.
This article is not intended to be a technical analysis but more about my personal involvement. Keplertek does have a website where you can review the content of the platform details… I got involved with Keplertek purely by a chain of events that made an impact on how I feel about the future of not just myself but the benefits that mankind could potentially have. …

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What does it mean to become the Kepler Ambassador?

At Keplertek, we are only as strong as our community. We are harmonizing the human creativity with the limitless power of AI in order to contribute to the creation of the future. With mental capacity of humans, we are able to create exceptional things and advance the technological progress for the mankind.

Because of this reason, we are constantly striving to recruit and attract like-minded people. People who share our vision: “Move humanity forward by combining ideas and skills with the limitless power of AI.”

We created The Ambassador Project and we are calling you to make a change. …

If you have knowledge,
let others light their candles in it.”

Here, at Keplertek we always strive to give opportunities to young students who dream big. We are proud to announce that we managed to create the atmosphere and organizational culture in which people have the opportunity to develop their potential, grow professionally and most importantly — learn more. Learning is a continuous process throughout a person’s life and Keplertek is the perfect place for young professionals to initiate mastering their skills and prepare for the fast-pacing competitive career life.

This is the reason we started co-operation with IT Vet — Georgian governmental Information Technologies Vocational Training Centre and employed interns to help our professional Web-team. …


Kepler Technologies

Kepler Technologies is a cutting-edge #robotics and Artificial intelligence (#AI) #startup on the #blockchain

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