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What does it mean to become the Kepler Ambassador?

At Keplertek, we are only as strong as our community. We are harmonizing the human creativity with the limitless power of AI in order to contribute to the creation of the future. With mental capacity of humans, we are able to create exceptional things and advance the technological progress for the mankind.

Because of this reason, we are constantly striving to recruit and attract like-minded people. People who share our vision: “Move humanity forward by combining ideas and skills with the limitless power of AI.”

We created The Ambassador Project and we are calling you to make a change.

As a Kepler Ambassador, you will be the one who will spread the word about Keplertek: our mission, our vision, and our values. You will be the one who will voice our ideas and contribute to the creation of the future.

By being the Kepler Ambassador you will benefit from the merit-based reward system and by leveling up on our ranking system your status will grow proportionally — you will have the privilege to be the actor of change in the society. We are collecting applications for Keplertek Ambassador Project participants. Show us your values, passion, drive and dedication. Successful candidates will take off with the status to represent Keplertek in their communities and will get 6% of the investments they attract.

Head to, go to your dashboard and click on Become Ambassador button — get ready to take off!

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Kepler Technologies is a cutting-edge #robotics and Artificial intelligence (#AI) #startup on the #blockchain

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