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Have you ever asked yourself : wouldn’t it be great to be part of something important in life. Not just your life but something special that would involve the entire planet.

I would guess most of you never heard of the name Keplertek. Its more than just a name. Its a very special company. Located in Tbilisi, Georgia. Started by two men Giorgi Topuria and Givi Dolidze in 2016. Along with a team and advisers that are second to none.

This is a company that is about to launch its platform for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with blockchain technology powering this wonderful opportunity. The concept of the Keplertek platform is to bring startups with their ideas and unite them with tech professionals and private investors to accelerate a startups idea to completion in a fraction of the time than conventional methods. This platform is available to anyone in the world.
This article is not intended to be a technical analysis but more about my personal involvement. Keplertek does have a website where you can review the content of the platform details… I got involved with Keplertek purely by a chain of events that made an impact on how I feel about the future of not just myself but the benefits that mankind could potentially have.

I originally got involved with Keplertek as an ICO investment. Mid June 2018 i was searching for a new ICO investment and this is when I first saw the name of Keplertek. I know..I know…crypto conjures up all sorts of scam visions in peoples minds. I wont lie about there not being shady ICO startups because there are some.

But there are some awesome, legitimate and hard working people behind these high tech companies. Keplertek is at the top of this list. It sounded very interesting and I figured it would be a quick flip investment and I would take my money and move on. WRONG. I was totally wrong.
Keplertek stopped the ICO and changed it to a private sale investment. It was a sale where you had to prove yourself worthy of being an investor. I followed through and was accepted . Not only was I accepted I was given the opportunity to become a Keplertek Ambassador. Once I applied for the Ambassador Program and was accepted then after personally talking with the CEO Giorgi Topuria and other members of the team you get a sense of the passion they have for what they are trying to achieve.

I have met other ambassadors from all over the world. A great group of people. You become friends and some ambassadors I talk to daily. You realize that it isn’t just about you or me. It’s about everyone involved in Keplertek. It takes everybody to ensure that the future succeeds for the benefit of mankind. So in saying that.. I’m with Keplertek for life and possibly longer through my children.

Perhaps you know a group of people who have a great idea or even a concept of that they have proven will be a great product in the field of AI and Robotics. Keplertek platform will assist them in bringing their ideas to fruition.

Maybe you are a tech professional or perhaps you are interested in being a private investor, I would urge you to at the very least take a look at and even set up an appointment to talk with any of the team members. You’ll find that they are very approachable and down to earth.
In closing….You never know where life will take you. If you come across an opportunity that you feel in you heart and mind is a once in a lifetime chance to get onboard early… Don’t get left behind. Keplertek will be around for a very long time. Like minded people are welcome aboard!

By David K Therrien

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Kepler Technologies is a cutting-edge #robotics and Artificial intelligence (#AI) #startup on the #blockchain

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