More about the Kepler Ambassador Project

Keplertek is as strong as its community. We are continuously looking for like-minded individuals with shared values and visions. We need people who will share our ideas worldwide and help us attract beneficial stakeholders from every corners of the globe. Therefore, Keplertek is keen to cover all the continents and we are looking for the special ones who will represent Keplertek officially.

For these reasons, we created the Kepler Ambassador Project. The project identifies and promotes the candidates who will grow Keplertek’s brand equity, attract investors and increase our exposure. The ambassadors are rewarded based on merit-based system.

All the Kepler Ambassadors start with being Kepler Associate Ambassador and move on to the higher ranks.

Kepler Associate Ambassador:

The initial rank. Ambassador associate gets the trainings and mentorships from Keplertek team.

As a Kepler Associate Ambassador, you will get 6% payback from the attracted investments.

Kepler Junior Ambassador:

Be active, competitive and you will be promoted to be the Junior Ambassador. You will get access to the special community tasks and higher compensations of 6.5% of attracted investments.

Minimum amount of attracted investments in order to be promoted to Junior rank is 100 ETH.

Kepler Senior Ambassador:

Successful contributors will become Senior Ambassadors. Get higher payouts of 7% and exclusive materials. More surprises are waiting for you individually.

In order to qualify for being ranked as Kepler Senior Ambassador, you need to attract at least 400 ETH of investments.

Kepler Country Representative:

Be the champion of Ambassadors in your country and you will be nominated to become Country Representative. You will be granted with the right to be the official head of Keplertek Branch in your country and make decisions on the executive level. You will be given the responsibility to lead the team of ambassadors in your country, mentor and coach them. Country representative has a chance to become the partner of Keplertek.

The compensation an Country representative gets is 7+0.5%(country) from the attracted investments

The minimum required amount of attracted investments in order to qualify for Country Representative Nominee is 1000 ETH.


If your contribution is superb but you do not stay still in only one location and bring investments from multiple countries at the same time, you will be nominated to become the Explorer: you will continue your never-ending business trip around the globe and at the same time you will take Keplertek branch with you. You will travel and represent Keplertek on global summits and conferences.

The compensation the Explorer gets is 7+0.5%(country) from the attracted investments

The minimum required amount of attracted investments in order to qualify to become Explorer is 1000 ETH.