A trip through the winding road of Munnar


Munnar has always been an amazing experience because of the panoramic mountains, valleys and rivers spread across acres of land here. Munnar, being a mountain range, has a pleasant to cold climate throughout the year. That’s why many people prefer to visit Munnar during their Kerala trip, especially during the hot and humid summer season. Munnar has quite a lot of holiday options for the tourists. From the most relaxing time to the most thrilling adventures, tourists can enjoy all types of holiday experiences in Munnar. The hills and valleys are also home to some beautiful rivers and waterfalls which attract a lot of tourists. They call for adventure as well as nature photography. Here are some interesting activities you can do in Munnar during your holidays here to make it even more memorable.

Sightseeing in Munnar

Mattuppetty Dairy Farm

Sightseeing is definitely the most popular activity for the tourists at any holiday destination. The Mattuppetty Dairy farm and Lake offer a beautiful experience and educate a lot about dairy farms. There’s a colourful garden in the farm which offers ample relaxation to the tourists and also quite a few photo opportunities too! The lake and the dam nearby are other popular attractions where people spend ample time breathing in the fresh air and enjoy the panoramic views of greenery. The air here is refreshing and makes the tourists quite happy and cheerful. Some of the other popular sightseeing locations on Kerala tour packages are the Top Station, Devikulam, Pallivasal and Echo Point are popular viewpoints that offer panoramic views of the hills and valleys of the mountain ranges of Western Ghats. Aattukal waterfalls, Nyayamkulam waterfalls, Chithirapuram waterfalls, and Lock heart gap are some other interesting places that tourists love in Munnar.

Trekking, Mountain Climbing and Hurdle Games

Trekking in Munnar

The adventure enthusiasts have ample scope to enjoy a thrilling holiday in Munnar. Trekking and mountain climbing are popular activities, especially in Rajamala and Lock heart gap. There are many big and small hills around Munnar such as Silent Valley where tourists can explore nature without disturbing it. Other interesting trekking and camping options in Munnar on Kerala tour packages from Surat are the Tahr Mountain camp, Anayirngal Camp, Chokramudi, Chummar, Mathikettan Shola Trek, Meesappulimala trek and the Lakshmi hill trek. You can enjoy these treks in groups if you book early with a reputed tour operator. They will help you get the required gears, permissions and also refreshments to make sure you enjoy the safe trekking trip. Most of the trekking trails pass through jungles and plantations. Another interesting way you can enjoy some safe adventure in Munnar is at Fun Forest Adventures which offers some amusing hurdle games amidst the forest.

Plantation Tours and Cycling

Cycling in Munnar

Plantations tours are an inevitable parts of Munnar holidays. How can you not visit the beautiful tea estates that fill your mind with the soothing aroma of fresh tea and cool your eyes with the vast greenery of tender tea leaves? The tea estates of Munnar are definitely an integral part of Kerala Honeymoon Packages. The trekking expeditions also pass through the tea and coffee plantations spread out on acres of land in Munnar. The best way to enjoy the tea plantations in Munnar is during the early morning or by evening just before sunset. Early in the morning, enjoy the fresh dew drops formed on the tea leaves by the mist and witness the most beautiful sunrise through the mountain ranges. Sunsets are quite romantic too in Munnar. Enjoy cycling through the winding narrow roads of the tea estates. A visit to the Tata tea estate and museum will be an unforgettable and informative experience while in Munnar. The museum showcases some of the early machines used for tea processing and you can also witness how the raw tender tea leaves are processed and packed the way we get them in stores. You can taste and buy some amazing flavours of tea packed straight in the estate itself. Tea cannot get fresher than that! You can tour the coffee and spice plantations too which thrive because of the cool climate and rich fertile soil of the Western Ghats.

Wildlife Safari

Wildlife in Munnar

The best part of visiting Munnar on your Best Kerala Honeymoon Tour packages is the opportunity it gives you to explore Mother Nature without any artificial elements. The Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in Munnar is one such place where you can see the rich flora and fauna of the forests living in their natural habitat. This is probably one of those rare places in Kerala where you can see the endangered species of Nilgiri Tahrs. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is another amazing place to explore in Munnar where you can definitely spot some elephants and monkeys. Anamudi Shola National Park, Pambadum Shola National Park, Mathikettan Shola National Park and Kurinji Mala Sanctuary are other places where you can spot vivid and rare species of animals, birds and insects in Munnar. Marayoor sandalwood forests and the museum here are definitely a must-visit in Munnar.

Apart from these destinations, the tourists can enjoy an invigorating Ayurvedic massage at one of the reputed Ayurvedic clinics or the spas in their resorts. Ayurveda uses only natural elements for treatment and it has no adverse effects on the body. The Ayurvedic massages are done by trained professional and it leaves you completely refreshed. You can also enjoy the traditional art forms in Kerala such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattom and Kalarippayattu. Your tour manager or resort manager can arrange special live performances by trained artists. While in Munnar, you can also enjoy some shopping, especially for the spices that is exported from Kerala to many countries across the world. You can buy green cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg and vanilla directly from the plantations to get the freshest and best quality. Coffee and tea are also sold directly at the plantation depots and you can get it from the markets nearby also. The markets also sell a variety of fruits and vegetables cultivated in the mountain ranges. You can also see many tribals here selling some rare medicinal plants grown in the forests.