Look on to the path traversed by Periyar river, the banks where it has touched its flow, that location has turned out to be a tourist spot brimming with natural beauty. The watch of wildlife at Thekkady through the trail on Periyar river can give a glimpse of the beautiful vast spread river flowing down. One such place in Kochi hidden deep in the woods also share its eminence but untouched to some extent. Paniyeli Poru shows the silent wild feature of the river Periyar. on first sight, the river seems timid but the underwater narrow tunnels of water can take lives of many. Do not underestimate the power of the river especially during monsoons. Still, it is the favorite haunt of filmmakers and travelers. The outer world knows little about this place. The suggested period of travel is from mid-November to December when the turbulence is low thus exposing rocks and the whirlpools. The river here actually formed out of the natural gridlock in the path of the Periyar river owing to the rock formation. This is how the Periyar gushes through the rocks. This location is situated in Ernakulam district in the Malayatoor forest tracts, 20 kilometres of distance from Perumbavoor. All the rivulets of Periyar join hands here and continue their journey. Do not misunderstand this as a waterfall as here only the turbulence of the water is achieved that too just by flowing over both large and big rocks increasing its pace of flow. Kerala Travel packages will take you to wonderful locations of Kerala but fail to go deep into some unexplored regions. Plan an itinerary to visit Panilyeli Poru to watch the exact fight of water.

The name of this river has evolved from the wilderness of the water flow especially from the routine fight of rafts men with the waves of the river. These rafts were made actually with bamboo which is cut and tied. When the raftmen used to transport the bamboo to Malyatoor and other places through the river, they had to battle with the wild waves of the river. Hence the name, Poru, means fight. After 2001, there was a sudden rush of tourists to this place. Since the place is under the protection of forest department, you need to take an entry from the forest permit. Start from the parking area about 522 meters far from the spot ad walk till the destination, if you are on Best Kerala honeymoon tour packages, then visit here do a nature walk with your beloved through the forest terrains. Spend your some time in tranquil of nature.

Beware while you enjoy the river as the rescue systems are not well-organised and it is the locals who used to save the lives of people in near drowning. All though the water level will be shallow, the fathoms are dangerous as there are chances to get slipped on rocks. Along with the rippling water sound, the chirruping of birds forms a musical arena for nature. To get the complete view of this place, a tree house at the top is placed. Climb on it and watch the panoramic view. The place will be closed after 5 in the evening, so complete your tour fast. A question arises what can one do other than resting on the banks of the river. Trekking can be the best idea so head from Paaneyali Poru to Bhoothankettu along the river with 6 hours of travel, taking the guidance from locals. Despite realizing the killer face of the water, people dare to enter the shallow water stepping each rock, but they can slip and crash against the rocks. During holidays two police guards are appointed to curb the anti-social activities going here. During your visit must carry some food supplements along with you.