Top Romantic activities you can enjoy while on honeymoon

Best Kerala honeymoon packages

What activities do you have in mind while you go on a honeymoon holiday? Well, you must be thinking I have had one. Not at all, but usually when a few of you go on that type of holiday, you may tend to make it boring. Choose the Best Kerala honeymoon packages for your trip. Instead to make the most out of your vacation, create the romance environment around yourself, do things that your partner would adore and love. Give petite surprises to each other. This will arouse a fire between the partners. Those who marry their loved ones are already familiar to their partner’s choices; there you don’t need any guidance, since you will naturally know how to please the other. When you don’t know your partner much, at first try to make conversation with the other, gradually make an effort to know likes and tastes of your partner. Don’t haul on this matter, be prompt, or you may spend all your holidays doing nothing else than this. First of all, choose a place that generates magic. Those who love fun and adventure may choose places with theme and water parks, water activities, hiking, camping etc. Those who love isolated and private, just out of the way holidays, may choose places like valleys, beach sides, isolated islands etc.

Let’s check out some most pleasurable and romantic activities you may idealise on your honeymoon and gather some cherished memories to take along with you…

Watch Sunrise together

Nature mystical sunrises

Watching the sun rise has always been something that enlightens us. The paleness of the previous night fading gradually and the sun painting the sky colorful at every stage of its rise presents a fresh beginning of your life. A romantic place to spend secluded holiday would be poovar islands with floating huts and cottages, Marari beach resorts or Munnar, best hill station in Kerala.

Enjoy a couple massages at the resort spa

Coddle each other with a deluxe massage therapy lying side by side. Doesn’t it sound plush and quixotic? Most of the Kerala resorts provide spa treatments, as well as there are special Ayurveda resorts here. They have numerous massage and health farms. Just make sure that you enquire about health spa facilities while you are making reservations. Enjoy the special moments of togetherness.

Feel at top of the world

Tree house in Munnar

Tree houses build naturally romantic environments. Standing high on the tree house window panes hidden well behind thick trees, both couples can find irresistible yet ardor tender love for each other. Further supplementary is the views from the house, some tree house are built in such a way that a tree grows through the house structure itself. Some other tree house resorts are located at a cliff facing mountainous regions and some are built facing waterfalls. You have plenty of choices here. The house may have a balcony that extends around the tree house. A series of lamp lights lining under the roof of tree houses, which are lighted at twilight. The houses when looked at from a distance offer an amazing view. Imagining itself furnishes wonderful excitement within. Tourist couples make it a point to spend a few days on the tree house cottages while on Kerala honeymoon packages from jaipur.

Set wet holidays


Get out of the resorts or cottages and go get the thrills of fun and splashy twinkling of an eye with your mate. Get playful and impish at the river banks, drench each other with love and later sit at the rocks where the interior springs flowing through the jungles. This gives you copious opportunities to get intimate and snug. Athirapilly, soochipara and a few other waterfalls are very famous where you may find similar attributes.

Find romance in Adventure

Rafting in Bhoothathankettu

Exploit the time you have to gather doing Exciting activities while you are on Kerala tour packages from Surat. Venture into a mutual pursuit, like swimming swirls closeness, couple dancing- endeavor salsa fills romance in the air, scuba diving- dive deep into the reefs hand in hand and spins adorable instances, rafting on the mischievous and fast running river with minute falls on the way, it sounds thrilling or go bungee jumping.

Make it special

Helicopter ride

Plan a helicopter ride around hilly area, choose some exotic meadow or plain, arrange to spread some dais embellished with white or peach satin bedecks spruced up at four corners. A wooden or designer diner arranged for two. Take your sweetheart on a copter ride and dine with her as planned. She will definitely get flattered. Enjoy the supper or a romantic dinner here with her. You will treasure these moments for a life time.

Other specific Activities

Spend some time sitting away from the camping groups while hiking, smoulder a fire and warm your selves from the chilly winds of the cliffs. Spend the hours of darkness in the tent snug and close to each other. Subsequent mornings on the cliff points will arise enchanting.

Say cheese-Click the pics

Pick some most glamorous, gardens, meadows, valleys, cliffs, beach sides, jungles, backwaters, houseboats, spot some natural looking at the same time captivating locations and get your couple photos. Arrange for some specialized experts to click some wonderful snaps of both in different attires and at different places. Mostly girls love to get snapped with their soul mates. Consequently you will have some engaging reminiscences to take home with you.