Chap. 1

Dark night.

Ragged clothes,
Freezing skin.

The woods were covered by snow,
The wintry white glowed in the silver moonlight.

He was lost,
He lost everything.

It is wise to assume that he deserved this,
He was not seen a good person.

He lied;
He betrayed;
He stole.

His family disgusted him,
He could never be happy.

He was always alone,
He was always crying.

The one that took everything from him was her,
The queen of his innocent heart.

She never lied, betrayed or stole,
She was always seen as a good person.

She was loved by her family,
She could always be happy.

She was never alone,
She was never crying.

Life is a surreal and unexpectedly beautiful theatre, and like puppets, their strings eventually pulled them towards each other.