Chrome’s Dinosaur

I assume you all ran into a ‘unable to connect to the internet’ page, a page with a little dinosaur made out of pixels.

So in case you were wondering what this tiny dinosaur symbolize,why is he the one to represent the ‘none internet connection’, this is a short article of the story behind the T-Rex.

There are 3 main rumors about it:

The first:

The dinosaur in question is a Tyrannosaurus Rex — which has short arms, which signifies that the Chrome browser is unable to “reach out” to websites, like the T-Rex.

The second:

The dinosaur indicates prehistoric era, in which there was no internet connection. So not 2016 …

The third:

There is a gigantic statue nicknamed “Stan” that is located at the Googleplex, California headquarters. It’s been said that “Stan” was the designer’s inspiration.

So meet the designer behind the Dinosaur — Sebastien Gabriel. He says that second and third rumors are totally true!

How to play the game?

Whenever you see the T-Rex, hit Space if you’re on your PC or tap the T-Rex on your smartphone.

The game will automatically start! Now, continue using your space bar or tapping on the dinosaur to make him jump over the Cactus (That also symbolize ‘the lack of- internet/water’)

So let me give you a hint- this is the game online!

I’ll be happy to receive any comments or additional rumors and just to say hey (:

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