Keri Smith I’d just caution that when I read through the comments on this article, it sounds as…
B. Bayne Collinsworth

It’s a good point. I read a few comments from those who disagreed, but yes, they were very few. I was surprised by the response on one level, because I expected a lot of anger. Though I did receive some from “friends,” the overwhelming response has been positive. What I now believe is that people are responding positively for 1 of at least 2 reasons. 1) They are still largely traveling in what I call the “cult,” and they are starving for an *actual* “safe space” where free thought and dialogue are permitted. I know I was. That space only exists when more of us begin speaking without fear. I have received private messages from friends and strangers who are too scared to share the article online in their specific echo-chamber. All I can say to those folks is: I understand. It took me a LONG time to get past fear, and getting over it had as much to do with personal trials as it did with any kind of political reflection. Fear can become a way of life before you ever realize it has gripped you. 2) Many folks who had already come to this opinion about postmodernism and the CTRL Left are supportive because they find it encouraging to see someone on the left being open about the reasons for this transformation in belief. What I have found interesting though, if you read through the comments, is that there are people of all different political persuasions. Many said they started in the extreme right and had the same sort of transformation in thought, but on the other “side.” I find that very encouraging. People in the comments are not here to support right or left, but to support free thought, compassion, and self-improvement. That was my encouraging takeaway, anyway. (BTW, I did see a humorous post on what looks like an extreme right site, calling me an SJW Trojan Horse). As for how to keep myself from leaving one ideology for another….I have been dwelling on this for many months….I’ll try to arrange my thoughts on it soon.