By “my side,” I mean the vast anti-Regressive movement that’s been slowly gathering steam online…
Rüdiger Thiede

It’s strange. I reread your comment and it occurred to me that though you say I was expecting congratulations (I wasn’t; the most important audience for the article for me were my SJW friends who do not understand this transition of belief…I am trying to articulate this for them, and for the liberals who have not yet been exposed to SJW-ism…because I believe they will be soon), you seem to be expecting that exact thing (congratulations) for having arrived at our presumed shared perspective, “before” I did. Is that it? Are congratulations in order? If so, well done sir! ;) LOL. That being said, I truly do wish you well with getting past bitterness. It is no easy thing — in my experience it’s a daily exercise that you don’t ever master fully. One of the first books that helped me in that area and perhaps set me on my current journey was Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.” If you are the kind of person who may reflexively find the title cheesy (I was), I can assure you that when I finally stopped judging it and actually picked it up, it was something I wished I had not put off for so long. I wish you well. ❤