How a Video Marketing Story Inspires UNSTOPPABLE Customers

What if marketing messages were inspiring? Communicated in ways that inspire people’s action, trust and loyalty?

How about weaving your inspiring messages into a compelling video story… easing comprehension and accelerating connections with viewers?

Follow my journey going behind and into the scenes of a video marketing story at

May tween and teen girls NEVER suffer from limited self-esteem and low confidence

I encouraged Aime to open with an emotional, revealing story clip.

Her strong opening let parents and agency owner clients understand WHY she empowers tween and teen girls.

Aime spoke emotionally about WHY she NEVER wants tween and teen girls to suffer the effects of limited self-esteem and low confidence, and lacking courage to be herself like she did when she was their age.


What the impact of raising a girl’s self-esteem and confidence looks like

Through a story flip, I had Aime first describe the training effects for her client’s extraordinary transformation.

For comparison, Aime then painted a picture of what her client’s personality and self-image were like before working with her.

Parents and agency clients would appreciate Aime’s gift for transforming girls’ feelings of confidence and courage.


WHY a self-image transformation matters for tweens and teens

The focus was on Aime becoming resilient for overcoming challenges. Showing the impact of resilience on her self-esteem and confidence. Aime then spoke about why a self-image transformation matters for tweens and teens.

How Aime empowers tweens and teens’ transformation

Aime highlighted the unique value of her training workshops.

Because her 11 core values are key… these were included on a separate slide.


The Vision for Empowering Girls Inch by Inch

Aime wrapped up describing her vision for the tweens and teens she’s privileged to work with.

Ending: Quick review of my 3-step process

The process begins with a conversation about Aime’s marketing messages, including her mission and vision. I discovered why she does what she does, how she offers unique value with what she does… offering training workshops, as well as finding out about who she targets.

I put together a draft digital script, which Aime reviewed. Revised until Aime resonated with her script and messages.

We collaborated to enhance Aime’s video story segments, and how she communicated on camera. Without Aime’s cooperation, trust and courage, her video wouldn’t have been as compelling.

Are you planning to create a video story for yourself or for a client?

Keri Vandongen