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Shopping in Cambridge.. So yesterday my Fiance was due a Hair Cut so off we went to Cambridge, yes he drives about 45 minutes — 1 hour away just for a Hair Cut.. Crazy I know! But, he insists that his hairdressers are the only one for him. Anyway I tagged along for a Free ride ♡ and decided that I would turn a trip to the Hair Dressers into a shopping trip.. why not hay?!

So here’s where I shopped and what I bought..

♥LUSH: The first store that I popped into was.. LUSH, yes I said it LUSH probably the nicest smelling store ever! I was in here for ages trying and testing all of the products as you do.. Eventually I decide to purchase the following bit n bobs..
1. Firstly the LUSH ‘Ickle Baby Bot’, this is just the cutest little bath bomb ever although it looks like it’s for a five year old I still love it. Smells so fresh and I really can’t wait to use it.. unless the other half gets to it first! …This will never happen, it’s mine.. all mine!* Smelling of Lavender and Chamomile, Lush have labelled this ‘Sleep Inducing’!
♡ £1.95 for 1 Bot

2. Secondly the ‘Sunnyside’ bath Bomb, now this just wow it’s Gold, sparkly and glittery, what more to say than that, I was sold as soon as I saw this on the shelf. It promises a ‘molton gold bath of bubbles’ are you really going to say no to that.. because I’m sure as hell not. So you pop this in your bath and it will create pond full of gold glittery bliss, slip in and enjoy…Can you tell I’m excited to try this one?!
♡ £3.75 for 100g

3. Thirdly the ‘Melting Marshmallow Moment’ …(always thought that was spelt Marshmellow..little spelling error for you all there ;) ). This is by FAR my favourite Bomb of all Three, the smell of this is so strong, it literally smells like I have just opened a bag of Marshmallows and I look like a giant one too!.. It’s that sweet smell when you’ve just walked into a sweet / candy store… oohhh something of dreams. Yuumm!! Needless to say if I could it eat, I would.. This will definitely be the first one that I use.
♡ £3.95 for 100g

4. Last but by no means least from my LUSH shop, the ‘BubbleGum Lip Scrub’… this is just wow! The smell, the texture and the aesthetics. This product is just the ‘Bomb’ quite ironic considering it’s not a bath bomb *haha* So as I’m sure you can tell from the name of this product it smells of Bubblegum…*drool* this is the one item I had gone into LUSH for, it keeps your lips smooth, tasting like Candyfloss and in great condition. This is a must buy, for keeping you lips soft and looking goddess like. There are also a couple of other ingredient lip scrubs one smells like Popcorn and the other of Mint, but this one just stole my heart!
♡ £5.50 for a 25g tub!

♥BOOTS: So the second shop I wondered onto.. and wondered around for about 20 minutes this was a large Boots than your everyday high street store, don’t judge me.. Well, after I sprayed my self with what seemed a whole bottle of ‘Chanel Mademoiselle’ Perfume the best perfume ever, in my opinion and it’s PINK, which I ran out of *sad face*. I decided to charge of to the ‘Soap&Glory’ Plinth to re-purchase me favourite shampoo.. the Glad Hair Day ultra-shine Daily Super Shampoo. This is for me a must, when I get an empty I have to buy it straight-away, it keeps my hair feeling cleaner for longer and takes such a small amount to lather up your whole head of hair.. that it last for months!
♡ £7 for 250ml Bottle

♥HOLLISTER: I love Hollister for their fragrance section, there are so many different smells and there’s always an offer on.. usually 3 for £24? Something like that however, I didn’t want to spend £24, so I decided to try out one of their ‘Shimmer Body Mists’ which is on sale for £5, in a 200ml spray bottle! It’s called the ‘Sun Chaser’ this is a pinkish liquid with a subtle sparkle, and smells divine… very fruity. Perfect for a Hot summers day.. it’s great for cooling you down and then once it has you’re left smelling fruity, with a little sparkle! The smell also last very long, not one of those where you can only smell it for the first minute or so, this lasts hours!
♡ £5 for a 200ml Spray Bottle

♥KOKI: So this to me is a ‘New’ Brand, and one of their stores has just opened up in Cambridge, so of course I had to go and have a looksy..! So I was in desperate need of some eyes shadows.. as you can see from my morning make-up routine video I literally had 3 eye-shadows (which are awful!). Anyway.. back on topic.. I have purchased 6 different eye shadows (images and info below), some of which are a little glittery perfect for a night out.. not that I ever have nights out! #Sado Also with these I ‘qualified’ for a ‘FREE 24 Piece eye shadow palette’ holder, as I bought 6 eye shadows. See below… Definitely a great buy! Colour purchased, 295, 293, 409, 272, 249 & 242.
♡ £2.90 for each eye shadow and the a FREE palette

For the whole haul go to;

x ♡ !Happy Friday! ♡ x

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