Indoor Plants

Inside/Outside - Personalise Your Plants

So, where to start. This isn’t exactly an Interior Design blog entry. However, here are some pretty cool ideas, on how to add an outdoorsy vibe, to your indoor living space, by implementing Plants into your home!

Why you should have more plants in your home…

There is something about bringing plants, live pieces of nature into your home. Keeping something alive, and enjoying the beauty that comes with it. Along, with the added bonus of indoor plants, filling the air with wonderful scents. No need for those plugin, chemical scent dispensers, when you have your own eye catching fragrance creator!

Add more Life to your Living Space!

  1. Plants in the Kitchen

Okay, so your Kitchen, is a pretty easy room to add plants to. Plants that you should consider displaying in your Kitchen are, Herbs and Micro’Greens. The kitchen is generally a Light and Warm place, a great climate for growing Veg and Herbs!

2. Plants in the Bedroom!

Consider a Terrarium, they’re easy to maintain, aren’t easy to knock over as you can have them hanging from your ceiling and also provide a different style to your space. Other plants that work really well in the bedroom room are Jasmine, as this promotes good sleep and Lavender as this helps reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Plants in the Toilet!

Aloe Vera is a plant that only gains when living in your Bathroom. Known as the plant of ‘immortality’, as it’s so hardy. Keep your Aloe Vera plants, near the window for ample lighting and water every so soften. Note that the steam from the Bathroom itself will meet the majority of its watering needs.

Should you prefer a more Spa inspired look, whilst in the tub. An Orchid on your windowsill, will provide a Luxury elegance to your Bathroom. Ensure that this is away from direct sunlight, as you do not want leaf scorch. The high humidity of this room, will imitate the plants natural environment.

Plants are great for helping you with lots of daily occurrences, just to mention a few…

1. They reduce Airborne dust levels!

2. They reduce Carbon Dioxide Levels!

3. They clean the Air!

4. They help to deter illness!

5. They are proven to help you work better!

Let me know if this post has helped you at all, or if you’ve decide to invest in some new house plants. They’re not only great for giving you a beautiful and elegant living space. But, to provide you with many other benefits, for your mentality and your health!

Signing off

— Kerry Bryan Interiors