How to be friends with someone who works in social media

Hey you, yes you — remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be an astronaut and stuff? Maybe a ballerina? A professional swimmer? The guy who checks that people stay alive at the beach without actually having to do too much cardio? Well believe it or not, I do too. But those memories are just that now.

In many ways, life doesn’t always work out as we planned, especially when those plans were made at 6 years old while sticking crayons as far up our noses as possible.

Sometimes you want to be a writer and you end up punting goods for brands or finding yourself drawn into the glamorous (read psychotic) world of advertising. And believe me, in these times you will need a friend. There’s just one problem though (if we’re talking metrics here ;) — you’re nearly impossible to be friends with, at least on Facebook. So what is the solution to a lifetime of potential loneliness? People who understand.

Now that you have sufficient perspective, let’s get to why you’re really here: Are you or a loved one affected by the harsh realities of someone’s career in advertising and/or digital marketing? Follow these simple tips and learn how to be friends with someone who is forced to promote products for a living:

  1. Speak to them on WhatsApp or even this thing called a phone — or even in real life! Basically you use your voice or you stand near their actual physical beings and tell them that it’s your birthday on Friday instead of inviting them to another Facebook event that they won’t even look at. Is this fair on you? No. Is this somewhat inconvenient? Yes. However, this isn’t a post about how to live a fair life.
  2. Occasionally engage with their shit. Okay so they have a competition or they’re clearly punting some brand. If it’s cool, it’s okay to know what they’re doing and interact with it anyways — if you want to. They’ll probably appreciate it on some level (even if it’s menial).
  3. Remember that people in advertising are not always good at staying hydrated or performing other basic life tasks outside of working. In instances where your dear friend or partner becomes cranky or unresponsive at 3 in the afternoon, consider that it may be a result of 5 million hours of brainstorming and 3 lifetimes of having client asking them to change the word “with” to “by”. Does this mean you have to take their shit? No. Does it mean you could? Sure man whatever, it’s your life.
  4. Don’t tell them to put their phones down. While technology shouldn’t govern every moment of every day, it’s often vital to the tech-savvy digital enthusiast, and sometimes part of a community manager’s job. Your rude moment at the dinner table is someone else’s response time. Is this okay? Maybe not. Do I care that it’s not okay? Sometimes. Does this change much? Not really.

And that’s it really, considering I wouldn’t want to actually give you any helpful advice. Oh, but one last thing though… If you wanted to, you could uh, you know, order your favourite wine and spirits here — it really is the uh, the ultimate in convenient online shopping…

❤ Kerry

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