Remember to remember, Kerry

Remember the tiny voices that whisper to you as your feet touch the ocean sand and your heart floods with the sunlight of another world. Listen carefully to their intonations, the inflections in their songs, flying out from your heart and your ears and your skin, swirling wildly around your head as you levitate off the rooftop or wade in their bass-like vibrations. Remember the open skies and long pathways, navigated by wheels and a flying motion that only a free body can conjure. Remember the airplanes above, that hummed in harmonies so overwhelming that you were indeed overwhelmed, merely a figment in a dream. Remember the whistles as the air passed your face and you flew across the sky on a machine made of cogs and twists. Remember that you are free and have meaning and purpose in every atom and every breath - whether you can feel it or not. Remember there is still so much more to look forward to. Remember Kerry, remember.

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