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You are receiving this letter because your are either a friend or a friend of a friend who recommended I share this with you.
This is a weeklyish hand-curation of thoughts, posts, ideas, songs, etc that caught my eye from the perennially open google chrome tabs.. would love to hear your thoughts on these or share the interesting stuff you came across and would like me to read and share here…

So here goes…

1) Some of my very successful friends have often wondered how and why did they become so successful, some even doubt they deserved it.. they have difficulty internalizing the success.. and even dismiss it as luck and timing.. for those of you who feel the same.. you are not alone.. Its called Imposter Syndrome and this is how you can fight back!

2) Mathew Inmam aka The Oatmeal hits a cord with his Comic How To Be Perfectly Unhappy. Have a look.. I am sure you will enjoy it!

3)I am not much into stock markets (yet) but i love reading stuff from Charlie Munger and applying them in daily life. I loved what he says about the Latticework of Mental Models. Here is a great curation of some repeatedly useful mental models.

4) In times of YOLO where everyone wants to be a unicorn and shit rainbows, I am happy making slow but consistent progress on a daily basis. I am not the ‘best’ version of myself yet but I am happy being a little better than I was yesterday. Just like Darius Foroux I Love being in my comfort zone!!

5) The iphone 7 launched earlier this week and I can’t buy it as I sold my Kidney for the Coldplay tickets in Mumbai, but I am definitely tempted to splurge on this “hand-poured” Soy Wax Candle that smells like a new Mac. 
Update: Its already SOLD OUT!! Fanboys will buy anything with Mac on it!

6) Bruno Mars released the video for his new song 24K Magic.. while it understandably lacks the depth in lyrics, the 80’s inspired funk track is catchy and the video has the swagger.. although not half as much as this one..

I love the way Anand Sanwal from CB Insights writes his newsletters and am stealing his signature close.

Have a Fun week Ahead.. I Love you!


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