Live Your Life Your Way

A wake up call to people not living their lives according to themselves

Many of us live our lives according to how people want us to live and act how they want us to be. We settle for what we have and not take risks or do things we want only because of the fear of being judged and rejected by our society, our family, and our friends.

I dropped out of college and I’ve had multiple people discourage me. They told to “you’re going to regret making this decision,” and “you have 2 years … just finish it,” and “you’re immature, you’re making a stupid mistake” to list a few.

But I didn’t let them to stop me from making a decision for myself, not them. We’re afraid what people will think, we’re afraid what people will say so we don’t take that next step in our lives.

But why?

In 80 years, all these people around you will be dead. EVERYONE, including YOURSELF! And when you’re dead (trust me), you wouldn’t remember the times people told you to not do something, to not take that next step or that pretty girl who rejected you. They’re dead and they’ve forgotten all the times you fell in your face and failed (even that girl who rejected you).

Then why are we afraid to live 70 to 80 years of OUR lives according to OURSELVES? Because at the end, most of what you do, if not everything, will be forgotten by everyone around us.

We only get one chance to live on this small pale-blue dot in the cosmos and we spend all our time living a life not true to ourselves?

In reality, people are too worried worrying about themselves, their future, their lives, not you.

So why live a life where you’re too afraid to ask a beautiful girl out or to take this big step in your life? People will always say things, good or bad, whether you like it or not. You just have to ignore it and LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY.

When your story comes to an end, no one really cares about or remembers you (unless you’re Steve Jobs or something). Not that cute girl you were afraid of asking out, not the people who pulled you down, not your boss that you didn’t like.

In the end, what you’ll remember are moments in your life that challenged you and made you happy— the moments where YOU lived YOUR life YOUR way!