What happens when you put a bunch of geeks, passionate about computer programming along with two guys, one who has been programming since even before we were born, and another who calls himself a marketing guy but is as excited as a kid in a candy shop when he sees code… Geekskool is born.

At Geekskool learning takes place very naturally, you pick up one language and you read good material on it. When you get stuck you just ask around, one of the students might help you figure it out. Else the mentors figure it out with you. There is emphasis to code as much as you learn theory.

I did a project to build a telnet + ftp + smtp client in python using sockets. Got introduced to a whole new area of programming, the one that the internet depends on — socket programming, i also gave a talk on it in class. (btw everyone is encouraged to give a talk on their projects)

It helps in two things

  1. Sharing the learning to other folks who are unaware of the field of programming
  2. Building communication and presentation skill

We also have some amazing people/programmers come and talk to us couple of times a week. Every time this happens we get a whole new perspective on programming.

Geekskoolers are a cool bunch of people by the way, from varied backgrounds like Cinematography, research scholars, Sys admins etc

We guys hang out apart outside of Geekskool as well.. movies, meetups, conferences, community clean ups and even party together.

You can write to us at we are more than welcome to meet interested people.

Geekskool students visiting Microsoft Datacenter