3 easy steps to newborn stem cell collection

Owing to the advancements in science and technology, medicine has undergone rapid change. Procedures that were unheard of or even hard to imagine are being performed with ease today. Doctors are educating their patients about new advancements in the field of medicine and even patients are excited about opting for such procedures.

One such procedure is baby stem cell preservation. This procedure is a non-evasive procedure that can be done by almost most parents of an unborn child. The procedure is safe and is proven to have many life changing and saving advantages.

In India, there are many organizations that are offering the service of newborn stem cell collection. Parents can visit such centres and ask about any questions or doubts or even discuss certain conditions that can help them to decide to opt for the procedure.

Every institution may have different procedures that they rely on for baby stem cell preservation but the following three steps are common for all institutions.

  1. Choose a blood bank for baby stem cell preservation
    As mentioned above, parents have the option of choosing from various newborn stem cell collection points. There are private blood banks, public stem cell outlets and even non-profit organizations that have government backing up who offer this safe and very easy to conduct procedure. You can choose an institution that best matches your requirement and sign up for a procedure that you think is best suited for your baby. Obviously, the executives of the institution will advise you and so will your doctor.
  2. Take the kit with you
    Generally a baby cord blood banking center will give you their own kit that you will be required to take with you to the hospital where you will deliver your baby. Your doctor will know how to conduct the procedure and you only need to notify them in advance about it.
  3. Collection of the stem cells
    After you have safely delivered the baby, then you can simply notify the stem cell bank to come and collect the baby’s stem cells. A personnel will come in and they will conduct all the necessary procedures and take the cells with them. When the cells are ready to be used that is generally within a week or two, the stem cell bank will notify you!
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