Breaking myths about baby cord blood banking


India is a country that is equal parts modern as well as rooted in its culture. While on the one hand there are people that completely believe only in logic and reasoning there are also those that will follow things based on their intuition and beliefs. Even though we are the most unique mix of people and there is beauty all sorts of beliefs and thought processes, the real challenge arises when people question things that can benefit life and health. A lot of people feel apprehensive about having the stem cells of their babies stored for the assurance of a better healthcare provision, whenever it may be needed.

There are different reasons for different people to not opt for Baby cord blood banking. Some people believe that anything to do with the umbilical cord and its preservation is impure. However, the truth is that the banking of stem cell requires the use of only the cells present in the blood of the umbilical cord. The cord itself is discarded immediately after the important elements are derived. This implies that actually no part of the umbilical cord gets stored at all.

Another belief states that the baby may get hurt in the process. In beating the myth, it should be understood that the cord is cut when a baby is born and the blood is collected from the cord that is already cut. The process of baby stem cell preservation, does not lead to hurting the baby in any way. Any blood that is collected from the umbilical cord is taken from the part that is cut by the doctors to separate the baby from the placenta, which happens to be a regular procedure whether preservation of stem cells is opted for or not.

Finally, there are people that think about the costs of new-born stem cell collection and feel discouraged to opt for it. While some people may think that the costs of the storage process may seem high, the fact is that it is one time cost for the insurance of a healthy life and quick treatment of your child for the rest of their life. When you choose to put your money in the stem cell banking process, you can remain assured that whenever you child needs stem cell therapy in life, they can get easy access to the most important resource in the process.