The scenario of stem cell banking in Bangalore

The concept of stem cell banking and stem cell therapy is gradually spreading all over India. Until a few years back, nobody had any idea that such a medical procedure existed. Today, there are a number of clinics which provide the service of bone marrow transplant, as a part of the treatment of leukaemia or blood cancer. Bone marrow transplant is a form of stem cell therapy, which has been marked as an effective surgical procedure for treating blood cancer. Besides, bone marrow transplant, other stem cell therapy processes, such as umbilical cord stem cell culture etc. are also being extensively researched upon and in the coming years, a lots of positive results are going to come out from all these researches.

Among all the cities in India, stem cell therapy in Mumbai is considered to be the best. There are a number of stem cell research centres and clinics which offer services of stem cell therapies. A large number of trained medical professionals are associated with stem cell treatment in Mumbai. Moreover, the city also has a number of cord blood banks, where one can deposit umbilical cords for research purpose. Moreover, once you donate an umbilical cord, you attain the right to demand stem cell therapy in future which will be carried out using the stem cells cultured from the umbilical cord. So, cord blood banking provides you the opportunity to create a deposit of body tissues, which you can utilize for treating disorders such as diabetes, infertility, baldness etc.

Cord blood banking in Hyderabad is probably the best in the country. There are a number of running cord blood banks in Hyderabad with quite a number of people availing services from them. However, this cannot be denied that there is a dearth of awareness among people regarding stem cell banking. The awareness campaigns carried out by some research organisations are hindered by the voice of opposition coming out from another section of medical researchers who hold the view that stem cell research may not be an ethical practice.

They fear that this practice can be misused by a few evil sections of the society for carrying out some controversial activities such as organ cultivation and human cloning. Although these activities sound futuristic, these have the potential to ruin the social fabric of today’s civilization, by letting people know that they can create babies according to their preferences.

Apart from Hyderabad and Mumbai, the scenario of stem cell banking in Bangalore is also growing at a fast pace. The only problem this medical domain faces is that the cost of the procedures involved in stem cell therapies is extremely high. However, the cost is believed to come down within a few years.